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Black Bear Espresso Blend:​   Made to outdo a favored blend used by some retail chains here in Washington. Black Bear is truly distinctive with a
sweet, mellow onset and clean finish. Since it's not mainstream in flavor, it attracts dedicated repeat customers.

American Drip Blend:   A blend which our forefathers would have been quite pleased with. Good and strong in both flavor and caffeine
without bitterness. A great cup for all those hard working and hard playing Americans.

Simply Smooth Espresso Blend:  Clean, bold and smooth! This is far and away our most popular espresso blend, the crème is better than that of
anything we've ever found, and the flavor is simply fantastic. It's made up of 5 different origins, all 100% specialty grade arabica. There is no bitter aftertaste so Simply Smooth is nothing short of great in both hot and iced drinks.

Sunrise Drip Blend:  A common flavor amongst our employees. Sunrise has very distinct earthy flavors with sweet undertones of berries.
A great all around blend for any leisurely occasion.

Mystic Moose Drip Blend:  A truly wonderful blend with excellent acidity and well balanced medium bodied flavor. Mystic Moose is a unique
premium blend that will lay well on even the most critical of palettes.

Grazing Goats Drip Blend:  Truly gourmet with several exotic origins. This one sparkles with complexity and lends excitement to any cup. It's
unique flavor and beautiful aroma always makes for a great drinking experience.

SW Decaf: We made the decision to pay a little more for the naturally Swiss Water process decaf instead of the normal Methylene Chloride type. It's excellent as a drip and produces awesome crème for espresso.

Golden Gate Espresso Blend:  A bold, flavorful espresso which accepts darker roasts well. Golden Gate drinkers are those who generally enjoy a 
more San Franciscan flavor. It really comes to life in hot espresso drinks and will charm any coffee drinker.

Gold Bar Drip Blend:  This is the good stuff generally reserved for family and friends. It's blended with one third of pure Kona and compliments gourmet meals and special moments with rich chocolate and nutty undertones.

Blue Monster Drip Blend:
 Due to the Costa Rican Tarrazu used, those who enjoy more traditional South American coffee will find comfort in
Blue Monsters back to the basics flavor without compromising quality.

Lazy Days Drip Blend:
 This well balanced, medium bodied blend is a real crowd pleaser with it's smooth nutty flavor and excellent aroma.
Lazy Days has been a local favorite with many of our customers.

Taste of Europe Espresso Blend:
 This is a pretty standard European espresso blend that cost a little less and provides striking flavor that bodes well in today's syrup laden world of latte's and mocha's. Those looking to save a couple more bucks and provide a common espresso flavor profile will enjoy it. Customers love it.

Boost  Espresso Blend:
 Boost is our special white coffee blend used to give customers that extra jolt of caffeine. It can be used for espresso
drinks or with blended drinks as well.  ​​